No Agenda Stream Playlist

Even when there’s not a live show, the No Agenda stream still has hours of quality content. The stream playlist runs 24/7, whenever there isn’t a live show connected.

The playlist is updated twice a week, during the No Agenda live show, with the newest episode of each show from the list below. To play on the stream, the latest episode must be less than 14 days old.

Episodes are played in more or less random order.

Show NameHostsWebsite
The 2030 PodcastSgt Fred & Matt
ABS ‘n a
AI CookingGWFF & Comic Strip
Angry Tech NewsRyan
A Walk Through The
Bandrew SaysBandrew
Behind the Sch3m3sBoo-Bury &
Bowl After BowlSpencer &
Canary Cry News TalkBasil and
Closed NtwrkSimon
Congressional DishJennifer
Curry & the KeeperAdam and Tina Curry
DH UnpluggedAndrew Horowitz & John C.
Double Thought DimensionDerek &
Fun Fact FridayLeila and David
GrimericaDarren &
Hog StoryJohn Fletcher & Carolyn
Informed DissentLeonydus
Millennial Media OffensiveDan Gehring & John G.
Moe Factz with Adam CurryMoe & Adam
Ms. Informed NAtionSeatsitter, Spencer, GWFF, Boo-Bury, and guests
Nick the Rat RadioNick the
No AgendaAdam Curry & John C.
Our Big Dumb MouthMidnight Mike, Joe, and
Planet RageDarren O’Neill and Larry
Podcasting 2.0Adam Curry & Dave
Randumb ThoughtsDarren O’
Rare EncounterAble Kirby &
Revelations Radio
Sir Gene SpeaksGene
That Larry ShowLarry
The CurrencyMike
The Lotus EffectPhoneboy &
The OO Top TenRyno the
The Privacy, Security, and OSINT ShowMichael
The Private CitizenFabian A.
The Sample HourDrew
UnrelentingDarren O’Neill & Gene
Up is DownDean Reiner
Who Are These Podcasts?Karl
With Adam CurryAdam Curry &

If you think your show belongs on this list, please send a message to @SirBemrose at on the mastodon network. Include a link to the audio RSS feed. Give us a week or more to check out your latest couple episodes, and we’ll either put it up, or get back to you with feedback.

Some things that are important:

  • No advertisements. No Agenda Stream only runs shows that are either free, or on the Value-for-Value model that Adam and John have pioneered. If you play ads in your show, it won’t be considered for the Stream. This is a hard rule.
  • No commercial music. Again, a hard rule. Even if you have the rights to play it, No Agenda probably does not. Creative Commons music is okay, as long as it’s not under an NC license.
  • Production quality. This isn’t everything, but it does matter. You don’t need top-end studio quality gear, but your show shouldn’t have hiss, or buzz, or volume levels all over the place. If you record live-to-tape, and your gear isn’t up to that task, then you need to do some post-processing. Audacity is free software, and its “Noise Gate”, “Compressor”, and “Truncate Silence” filters can do wonders for a podcast.
  • Content: Highly subjective, but it should fit in the No Agenda milieu. No, you don’t have to agree with everything John and Adam say; hardly anyone does. But we do look for independent thought and voices; people willing to question things, think for themselves, and bring their own interesting perspective to topics. You won’t hear anything on the stream that sounds like it came out of a corporate committee or press release.
  • The show should be general interest. No Agenda has a large global audience. A show with your buddies drinking, telling in-jokes, and re-living your glory days might not be very relatable to most people. A show that only covers topics local to one region or country might not be relevant to a global audience. Or maybe it is, if the content is interesting enough. This again is highly subjective.
  • Podcasting-2.0 compliance. Completely irrelevant to the selection process. It’s listed here only because if your show does play on the stream, and doesn’t support Podcasting-2.0 features, then expect a lot of pressure from the listeners to start supporting them. 🙂